Holidays are all the more fun, especially if you go on an extended road trip with your family and friends. You can visit some wonderful places and get the much-deserved rest that you craved for. The icing on the cake is when you get to try out your new car and its amazing features!

Here are some holiday survival tips that will help you:

All-in-one car emergency kit

The terms first aid kit and emergency kit is often used interchangeably, but they are not same. First aid kit is just one part of the emergency kit, which should also contain jumper cables, flashlight, batteries, etc. Auto supplies store carry ready-made ones, so make sure you purchase one before leaving.

De-icing spray/washer fluid

De-icing spray doesn't cost much and is easily available at most hardware stores. Just spray on the windows so the ice melts. Alternatively, you can also fill up your car with washer fluid specifically designed for freezing temperatures. As you drive, the liquid is sprayed on the windshield to melt the ice and snow.

Kitty litter

Getting stuck in ice or snow isn't an ideal scenario, but it can happen, so you need to be prepared in advance. Lay down the kitty litter in front of the wheels if you have front - wheel drive or behind the tires if you have rear-wheel drive - it provides you with sufficient traction so you can move ahead.

Portable backup battery

iPads and smartphones are necessities during such trips - apart from helping you pass time, they can be used to call for help in case the situation arises. It is always better to take a portable backup battery (charge it fully before leaving), which has the power to charge other devices on the road. Solar chargers are also a good option.

Emergency supplies

Getting stranded in the middle of nowhere isn't a pleasant thought, but what if your car breaks down? You can be stuck for hours without proper supplies, which is why you should pack blankets and flares. For extreme situations, get a hand-cranked radio and smartphone charger to make emergency calls.

Arranging for these items is a smart and practical choice, as it is always better to be prepared for contingencies rather than lamenting about "what ifs" later on. Holidays should be enjoyable, so spending hours on the road or getting stuck in the snow, can easily put a damper on the mood.


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