If you have just bought your car, congratulations! However, irrespective of whether it is a new car or you are considering renewing one, you may be pretty surprised with current insurance rates. However, do not write off your car buying experience, you can get lower car insurance rates. Here are some ways how to.
But remember, to look out for good bargains. Often car insurance companies to up their competitive game offer discounts and a freelance insurance agent can get you the best deal and hence lower car insurance! Besides that, here are things you can do:

Before buying- Compare insurance rates in terms of premium you'd have to pay between the cars you have shortlisted. Remember to take into account the varying costs based on repair, safety record and likelihood of theft. More importantly, read up on discount options. Some companies even offer better discount rates if you are a better student or have taken advance driving lessons! Getting lower car insurance rates is hence dependant mostly on how much premium you are going to pay.

While changing policies- Be a stickler for paying premiums on time and remember renewal dates. Do whatever it takes - maintain an account so that you have money at the time of such payment and a calendar with a reminder on all your devices. Do not procrastinate as the more you delay the more expensive this gets. Getting lower car insurance rates is a reality if you pay premiums on time, as the longer you delay, the higher the rate goes taking into account the uncovered period.

Fun Fact! Insurance companies have through their market experience realized that there is a correlation between bad credit history and the propensity of people of making claims. Thus, if you have a bad credit history, you may be charged higher premiums. Make sure you maintain good credit history. While this may seem rather unrelated, credit history can be a major factor in negotiation of getting a lower car insurance.

Check for mileage discounts. Some companies actually give a hefty discount if you are driving less. This is a lesser known fact but mileage discounts are an important pivot in getting a lower car insurance and you must definitely check it out.

Assess your financial health. If you can afford to bear the cost in case of some eventuality, request a higher deductible. This means lower premiums and hence lower car insurance but it also means lower coverage. Figure out if that serves your purpose and act accordingly.

Look for a combination insurance package which will lower car insurance- a company which offers and completes your health, housing and car insurance is sure to offer a higher discount on premium as opposed to one that does either of them.


All things said and done, follow the smart rules above and you will be saving ton loads of money on car insurance!


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